How Ugao Green used Grownix Digital Marketing Services to Drive Sales

With a spot-on social media strategy and optimized website, we helped Ugao Green draw undiscovered customers within months.

Cost Optimization

Ugao Green Introduction

Ugao green was founded in February 2019. The founders concluded that the demand for superfoods was increasing and producing a suitable revenue in Pakistan. As a result, superfood crops such as Moranga were cultivated.


Ugao Green is bringing farm-fresh, 100% organic Moringa powder to customers’ doorstep in a way that all nutrients are preserved safely.

The Challenge

During covid-19, more competition entered the market for the same product as people were inclined to buy organic superfoods and boost their immunity. As a result, the Facebook ad campaigns weren’t performing well.


Ugao Green was experiencing high costs per purchase and wanted to lower the costs to increase their ROI. 

Their website and social media also needed improvement as their online presence wasn’t optimized and so wasn’t reaching the maximum target audience.

Our Strategy

Grownix took charge of Ugao Green’s digital marketing in March 2022. Their website was transformed into a user-friendly interface to improve the buyer’s journey. 

Our social media team redesigned the social media design templates along with captivating content that made the audience stop scrolling and buy ultimately.  

Ugao Green’s paid advertising campaigns were optimized by testing various angles of the same product to identify the benefits that people are more inclined to buy. 

The content marketing team optimized and tested the short form and long-form captions in both English and Urdu to identify which one connects more with the audience in the ads. Similarly, multiple visual texts were also tested to see what the targeted audience connects to. 

The ads were further optimized by testing different design variations & audiences to see which design resonates with the prospects.


So with an apt social media strategy, web optimisation, and ad optimization; we were able to see the desired results within months. 

Before taking services from Grownix, total purchases were only 392, which were increased to 719 once the Grownix team executed their strategy successfully. The click-through rate (CTR) increased to 5.23%. Ugao Green was able to achieve its targets by spending 23% less on ads and securing more customers in a shorter period of time with 4.42× return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Services availed by Ugao Green to get the desired outcome

Grownix digital marketing team has worked together and helped Ugao Green to reach the targeted audience and increase its sales within months.

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