Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH)

Maximized Awareness Against the Harmful Effects of Sugary Drinks through a Successful Social Media Strategy

Tailored social media strategy resulted in an incredible reach of 6.4 million plus social media users for the Pakistan National Heart Association.

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The Organization - An Introduction

PANAH is a non-political, non-sectarian NGO whose aim is to provide prevention awareness against non-communicable diseases. PANAH also expanded its activities for a National/Global reach to take on the task of prevention of heart diseases, obesity and type-2 diabetes & to establish itself on the lines of the American Heart Association.

Motivation for change -The Challenge

PANAH wanted to develop an apt social media strategy to raise awareness of the harmful effects of sugary drinks and to get public support on online platforms in order to urge the Government/policymakers in Pakistan to tax sugary drinks. 


Their target was to reach 1 million users on Social Media across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with an increase in likes, comments, and shares of the posts (increase in engagement).

Solution by Grownix

Grownix Pvt Ltd’s social media team achieved the desired results by testing and finding winning interest groups across ad platforms to maximize reach. 


We optimized the funnel through custom and cold audiences on Facebook to maximize post engagement.


Moreover, the Grownix digital marketing team collaborated with Government officials and doctors to act as an advocate for raising the harmful effects of sugary drinks.  


We also collaborated with the World Health Organization’s Digital Media team to brainstorm ideas for the monthly content calendar, raise awareness, and make an impact.


With continuous and aligned efforts we were able to reach up to 6,441,312 social media users. The engagement also increased with a total of 3700 social post shares, more than 1000 comments on the posts, and 757 retweets. It took almost 6 months to get the desired results (from September 21 – to March 22). 


The click-through rate (CTR) also increased to 7.58%.

Services availed by PANAH to get the desired outcome

Grownix digital marketing team has worked together and helped Pakistan National Heart Association to reach the targeted audience and achieve more than expected results on social media within months.

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