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Sunnah Camp Acquires Maximum Leads and a Distinguished Online Presence in 2022

With a hyper-targeted digital marketing strategy, Sunnah Camp was able to achieve its goals within a year.
Cost Optimization

About Sunnah Camp

Sunnah Camp is an online community that is transforming young Muslims into confident leaders. This community is led by highly-qualified and experienced mentors. They are adopting a fun learning and holistic approach by cultivating a strong relationship with Allah and teaching the core Islamic principles. Their students develop a strong purpose in life and the desire to make a great impact on the world.

The Challenge

Sunnah Camp wanted to hyper-target Muslim parents only living in the United States, Europe and Canada with the lowest average lead cost. The average lead cost they were spending was $1.50. They were finding it hard to increase their followers and members on their social media including their private Facebook group. They wanted a tailored digital marketing strategy to get more registrations for their live workshops and courses.

Our Strategy

Grownix Private Limited ran paid social campaigns and lowered the average lead cost to $0.84. We used an apt social media marketing strategy and pinpointed the targeted audience through optimized content. Sunnah Camp’s website was also optimized with a user-friendly interface and content that increased the trust of the visitors, resulting in greater lead generation. Our content marketing team optimized and executed a combination of retargeting campaigns on Social Media including email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads.

We excluded non-Muslim parents to filter out negative comments and increase relevancy in paid advertising.


With apt strategy and on-time implementation, Sunnah Camp started accomplishing its goals within a year. It’s an ongoing project and we expect greater reach and huge ROI in the coming years. The result was an increase in website leads generated and reached 4800+ leads. We were also able to reduce the average lead cost to $0.84.

Our Services availed by Sunnah Camp to get the desired outcome

Grownix digital marketing team has worked together and helped Sunnah Camp to reach the targeted audience and increase its members within a year.

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