BioFlex Pakistan Sees a Whopping Increase in Organic Traffic And Conversion Rate

With tailored digital solutions and spot-on audience targeting, BioFlex Pakistan was able to achieve 25% lead conversion through paid media ads and a 52% increase in organic contact form submissions.

April 2019 – April 2022
October 2020 - April 2022

About BioFlex Pakistan

BioFlex is an unprivileged innovator in advanced pain management. While leveraging the definitive healing power of low light laser therapy, it causes absolute pain relief from a plethora of common ailments you might be suffering from.

BioFlex’s prosperous 30-year history of existence is distinctly evident by the testimonials of more than 2 million patients successfully treated in over 2000 clinics in 52 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

BioFlex Laser is a Cold Laser Technology that introduced itself for the first time in Pakistan. It is a Canadian Health Care Brand operating in more than 52 countries. BioFlex’s main challenge in Pakistan was to identify the audience, target them programmatically, spread awareness about the laser treatment, and generate revenue without wasting huge money on ad bleeds.

The Solution

Grownix Pvt Limited, a digital marketing agency in Islamabad proposed an in-depth solution after studying the local and global health care brands. The first step was to do an in-depth research about customers’ pain points and objections and then address them with thorough optimization of the marketing funnel. This was done through social media and as campaigns consisting of high-quality, optimized content and apt strategy.

Moreover, based on data and intelligent assumptions, we were able to forecast the market penetration and the number of leads we could generate for them.

Our Strategy

After carefully strategizing the marketing campaign including social media advertising & traditional marketing, we started with the brand awareness campaign to test out our hypothesis. Later we executed lead generation campaigns on paid search and paid social platforms to fetch the relevant information from the customers and closed the leads through telemarketing. Through constant conversion rate optimization, we have achieved a 25% lead conversion rate.

Alongside this, BioFlex Pakistan required a new website to be developed, one that would get them on the rankings to introduce themselves to the Pakistani population seeking treatments. With an SEO marketing strategy in place, we were able to gradually increase their organic traffic and organic conversion rate.

BioFlex Pakistan used our following services to experience an exponential success:


Within a span of 2 years, Grownix Pvt Limited applied a spot-on SEO strategy along with pinpointing the right audience with optimized yet relevant content. The results were above the expectations of BioFlex Pakistan as the ROAS (return on ad spend) increased 8 times the amount they spent on their ad campaigns. Not only this, the CTR boosted more than 8.78% with a total reach of almost 1.2 Crore audience.

All this happened with a customized social media strategy, a new SEO website, and tailored marketing campaigns, BioFlex Pakistan managed to increase their organic contact form submission rate by 52%. Also, the total increase in organic traffic is more than 900% and increasing every day.

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