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Get the best email marketing services to make a loyal customer base, gain prospects, high conversion rate, and… sales.

Almost every other business is sending emails to their prospect’s inboxes with a wish to convert them. But not every email is effective in persuading readers to take action. That is why not every email strategy is effective. You need to build a connection with your readers so that they keep on reading until the end and take necessary action. 

So, the best email marketing service implies great copy, attractive design, persuasive call-to-action, and spot-on campaigns that really boost your sales. 

It’s a misconception that email marketing is no more effective. Actually, it’s one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It’s because 86% of Americans open their indices every day. That means your prospects are already checking their emails. So, why not make them aware of your brand and awesome offers through online email marketing?

Our Email Marketing Services

Grownix has a team of expert email marketers who have helped many businesses like you, to grow through tailored email marketing techniques.

Email marketing strategy

Want to grow with Grownix? An Email marketing strategy is the foremost step to take and reach your target audience right in their inboxes and get maximum ROI.

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Email marketing templates

Get custom email marketing templates designed by our experts one-time, tailored to your brand's goals, and increase revenues, for years.

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Email marketing report

We dig into the engagement trends through modern tactics to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, to provide you insight for the best outcome.

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Why do you need email marketing service providers for your business?

Why do you need an email marketing strategy by Grownix? Why not do it in-house? Here are a few reasons why you should pay serious attention to your email marketing plan.

For brand awareness

Emails are a great way to tell your readers about your brand. So, the emails should be following the same tone of voice as your business has. This helps to create a connection with readers and convert them into prospects and customers after some time.

To increase website traffic

Through a spot-on email marketing strategy, you can increase your website traffic by creating buttons that lead to your website landing pages.

To increase revenue

Effective email strategy helps to generate revenues in the long run.

Broaden your customer base

SEO services aren't a static process - the content needs to be optimized and modified over time. This is important to maximize your customer base as updated content can attract the visitors that are in the beginning of the sales funnel. This process of broadening the customer base takes time. It can take years but the outcome is worth it - a broadened customer base consisting of loyal and knowledgeable people AKA your lifelong customers.

For maximum ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is very important to consider in every email campaign strategy. The ROI of email marketing is highest amongst all other digital marketing strategies. That's why you need an effective email marketing plan.

Maximize your digital marketing ROI

You can increase your company's ROI by 55% through online or web content marketing, only if done right. We offer the right SEO services with strategies that increase your revenue and maximize your ROI, allowing you to reinvest in digital marketing services or add more products/services within your company.

Our Approach to email marketing services

Email marketing is a direct way to connect with your prospects. You can launch email campaigns to offer great deals and discounts. For that, you need the best email marketing strategy that speaks to what your goal is and the benefits you can offer your subscribers. We at Grownix, work to craft successful email marketing plans that have the following features.

Attractive email marketing campaigns

We launch an email marketing campaign with your objectives in front. We take into consideration what your subscribers would be interested in. For this, we dig deep to know about your business, your brand voice, your audience persona, and the market demographics to devise a customized email marketing plan.

Mobile-friendly design

People prefer to look into their inboxes on mobile phones. So, we make sure the design works well on the mobile version as well. It would be a great turn-off if the template doesn't look good on the mobile.

A platform of your choice

We can bring our email marketing platform or the one you're already using. Our team can design HTML code email templates for you or drag-and-drop ones. Whatever works well for you.

Grow your business with our online email marketing services

Our highly scalable and effective online email marketing services allow you to take care of other business dealings while we achieve your business goals through our content. There are several reasons to choose us:

Team of experts

We have a team of professional and experienced digital marketers who make sure you get the ideal end product.

A myriad of satisfied clients

Until now, we have done various content marketing projects and have happy clients that have witnessed a boost in their revenues as soon as we took over their content marketing.

Customized services

We believe in personalized content that is purely in line with your brand. That's why we dig in to know about your company and provide tailored services accordingly.

Know your business

We set a meeting or a call with you to know about your business and what you expect from us as an SEO agency.

Industry-leading software

We have industry-leading ROI and artificial intelligence software for insights to gauge the performance of your website.

Deep research

Now is the time to dig deeper, analyze your competitors, and notice what they're doing to rank higher in Google.