How High Vision Marketing Attracted Qualified Leads Within 5 Months

Grownix digital marketing team delivered a user-friendly, optimized website and boosted HVM’s social media presence with apt branding and pin-pointing the audience to generate qualified leads with a systematic approach.

Cost Optimization

High Vision Marketing Introduction

High Vision Marketing is a real estate marketing agency dealing in Pakistan’s top real estate projects for several years. They are passionate to help their clients in a wide range of residential and commercial plots from the best real estate projects across Pakistan. 

Real estate consultants at HVM have been providing valuable real estate consultancy for years so that their clients can invest in the best profitable real estate opportunities.

The Challenge

Establishing a brand presence in the saturated real estate market was a real challenge initially along with raising awareness of the brand on social media platforms. 

High Vision Marketing wanted to generate high-intent leads that are looking to invest in residential & commercial projects to boost their online presence and sales. 

Lastly, they were looking to have a user-friendly website, optimized to rank on the first page of Google. 

They wanted to see a real positive change through result-driven strategy.

Our Solution

Grownix took charge of HVM’s digital marketing in Feb, 2021. The brand guideline including logos, typography, and colors was prepared by experts at Grownix Digital to maintain visual consistency. 

After in-depth research, our team started raising brand awareness through social media with clear brand messaging and apt post timings. This enhanced their social media presence and thus increased their credibility and position amongst competitors. 

Alongside, our website development team designed an optimized website with the right tone of voice according to the brand. The website is user-friendly and has optimized content for optimum performance. 

In these 5 months, we focused on promoting their 2 major real estate marketing projects; Motorway City and Park View City (ISB & LHR).

The Results

So with an apt social media strategy, web optimisation, and ad optimization; we were able to see the desired results within months. 

We were able to generate 900+ leads from February 2021 to July 2021 with cost per lead to be PKR 235.6. 

The total expenditure was PKR 220,819 and desired results were achieved successfully.

Services availed by High Vision Marketing to get the desired outcome

Grownix digital marketing team has worked together and helped High Vision Marketing to reach the targeted audience and generate qualified leads effectively. 

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