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Square Bridge Marketing witnesses an increase in qualified leads with Grownix Digital Services

Aptly rebranding Square Bridge and implementing the right social media marketing resulted in more leads and brand awareness, in just 3 months.

Cost Optimization

Square Bridge Marketing Introduction

Square Bridge Marketing are the real estate developers and marketers who aim to transform the real estate in Pakistan. They are keen to provide culture-rich real estate projects for residential and commercial purposes. 

Lately, Square Bridge Marketing was finding it difficult to generate qualified leads and reach their target audience. They contacted us to look at the problems and propose tailored solutions so that they can reach their business goals faster.

The Challenge

Developing a brand guideline in accordance with the client’s mission of introducing luxurious real estate projects with internationally inspired architecture in Pakistan was a great challenge in itself. 

Raising awareness of the brand across Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) as the client didn’t have any engagement on posts. 

Generating premium leads that are interested in high ticket/expensive real estate projects. 

Our Solution

Grownix took charge of Square Bridge’s digital marketing in March 2021. The brand guidelines including logos, typography, colors and brand applications were prepared by experts at Grownix Digital to maintain visual consistency and produce a logo that synchronizes with the company’s objectives. 

After in-depth research, our team started raising brand awareness through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with clear brand messaging and apt post timings. This not only enhanced their social media presence but also increased their credibility and position amongst competitors. 

In these three to four months, we focused on promoting their 2 major real estate marketing projects; Milano Square Residence and Time Square Trade Centre. 

The Results

So with an apt social media strategy, logo designing, and ad optimization; we were able to see the desired results within 3 months. The clients’ social media presence was enhanced with the generation of qualified leads successfully. 

We were able to generate a total of 2760 leads from March 2021 to June 2021 with a cost per lead to be PKR 210.95. 

The total expenditure was PKR 582,222 and desired results were achieved successfully. 

Services availed by Square Bridge Marketing to get the desired outcome

The grownix digital marketing team has worked together and helped Square Bridge Marketing to reach the targeted audience and generate qualified leads effectively.

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