Grownix’s Growth Hacking Strategy For The Game Show Pakistan 

Grownix's Growth Hacking Strategy For The Game Show Pakistan

Date: November, 2022

About the Client

The Game Show, Pakistan’s premier live quiz app, appeals to a diverse audience. With a commitment to providing free, high-stakes cash prizes, the app uniquely engages users through The Daily Challenge and The Live Show. Targeting a broad demographic, Game Show positions itself as the go-to platform for rewarding entertainment.

Our Challenge

Limited by ad reach on Meta and Google Ads with frequent content restrictions, Game Show faced challenges as the focus on app installs neglected key metrics like registration and in-app purchases.

Our Solution

Grownix devised a comprehensive solution, diversifying platforms by integrating TikTok Business Manager. This strategic move, coupled with implementing conversion tracking across Google, Meta, and TikTok, enabled precise optimization for user actions.

Moreover, based on data and intelligent assumptions, we were able to forecast the market penetration and the number of leads we could generate for them.

Our Strategy

Employing a multi-faceted strategy, Grownix prioritized brand awareness through influencer marketing, active community management on social platforms, and cost-effective, quality-focused user acquisition across various channels.


Grownix’s approach delivered a remarkable +10 Million Reach, +30 Million Impressions, +1 Million Intent-Based Clicks, +250K Downloads, and +40K Active Monthly Users. This transformation solidified Game Show as Pakistan’s go-to live game show app.

In conclusion, Grownix’s data-driven strategies and comprehensive services, including platform diversification, conversion tracking, and targeted marketing, propelled The Game Show Pakistan to unprecedented success, showcasing the power of effective digital marketing.


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