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BioFlex Digital Campaigns

About the brand

BioFlex Pakistan

BioFlex is an unprivileged innovator in advanced pain management. While leveraging the definitive healing power of low light laser therapy, it causes an absolute pain relief from a plethora of common ailments you might be suffering from.

BioFlex’s prosperous 30-year history of existence is distinctly evident by the testimonials of more than 2 million patients successfully treated in over 2000 clinics in 52 countries worldwide. Over the many years of establishment, BioFlex has orchestrated four therapeutic platforms that have paved a way to the miraculous restorative attributes towards several medical conditions.


BioFlex Laser is a Cold Laser Technology that introduced themselves for the first time in Pakistan. It is a Canadian Health Care Brand operating in more than 52 countries. BioFlex’s main challenge in Pakistan was to identify the audience, target them programmatically and generate revenue without wasting huge money on ad bleeds.


Grownix Pvt Limited, digital marketing agency in Islamabad proposed an indepth solution after studying the local and global health care brands. Moreover, based on data and intelligent assumptions, we were able to forecast the market penetration and number of leads we could generate for them


After carefully strategizing the marketing campaign, we started with the brand awareness campaign to test out our hypothesis. Later we executed lead generation campaigns to fetch the relevant information from the customers and closed the leads through telemarketing. Through constant optimizations and improvements we have achieved 21% lead conversion rate.

It takes more than pretty visuals

Inside Strategy

Brand Awareness

For BioFlex Pakistan, we planned an extensive content marketing strategy addressing the pain points of our customers. It included infographics, tips and service information.

Lead Generation

We used Facebook as the primary source of lead generation. We experimented with various ad visuals, headlines and call to action buttons to generate maximum results at a minimum cost.


For community engagement and brand reputation, we actively engaged with the relevant audience and addressed all their questions. Our customer engagement rate is more than 90%.


With the help of Facebook pixels and leveraging the data, we started making minor improvements and measured the results. With constant A/B testing, we improved our results by 40 percent.

Content Marketing

Infographics Campaign

Content Marketing

Informative Campaign

Content Marketing

Interactive Urdu Campaign

Content Marketing

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Pixels


With the data acquired through Facebook pixels, we ran retargeting campaigns for BioFlex as well. The main datapoints were the events trigged on website and captured through Facebook pixels. Based on the customer actions on website, we created custom and lookalike audience for maximum penetration. It reduced the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) substantially, thus saving our budget by 30%.

Page Insights

Content Reach

Business Manager

Facebook Power Editor

Zoho CRM

Lead Management

Grownix Digital Pvt Ltd

Services Provided

Lead Generation

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Marketing Strategy

CRM Management

Corporate Identity

Website Development

PR Management

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Insights of BioFlex Ad Campaigns

May ‘19 to December ‘19


Million Reach

BioFlex reached more than 47 million prospective patients on social media


Million Impressions

Served more than 136 million impressions on Facebook and Instagram


Intent Based Clicks

Received more than 95,000 intent based user clicks on ads


Leads Generated

Generated more than 10,000 leads through Facebook ads with a conversion rate of 21%.


Page Likes

Relevant, focused and targeted page likes on Facebook


Messages Recieved

Active engagement on Facebook & Instagram asking about treatment procedure.

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