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The Launderette’s Digital Campaigns

A success case study about social media content, outreach and lead generation

About the brand

The Launderette

The Launderette is a premium on-demand laundry service that promises to redefine garment-handling right from pick-up to delivery.

The Launderette has successfully garnered & handled over 1 million items by ensuring the highest standards in every step of the process from the solvents used to the packaging of the garments in order to make sure that the clients needs are understood.


In these modern times, millennials invest a large part of their income buying quality clothing and investing in designer garments. Having made this investment, it is heart-breaking to have a favorite garment ruined by the local laundry.
Keen to convert this challenge into an opportunity, The Launderette decided to upgrade the awareness and status of laundry in Islamabad & Peshawar. However breaking the local laundry stigma accustomed to the audience while generating revenue tended to be a big challenge.


Grownix Pvt Limited, digital marketing agency in Islamabad proposed an indepth digital marketing solution by analysing the current market trends & based on intelligent assumptions, was able to forecast the number of leads that could be generated with creative ad copies primarily focused towards millenials.


After strategizing the marketing campaign thoughtfully, message campaigns were initiated targeting the relevant core audiences. A look alike audience was derived from the audience that interacted with The Launderette through messenger. Later these look alike audiences were used to run lead generation ads & achieve a target of 400 leads in order to fetch relevant information from the audience & convert them into customers.

It takes more than pretty visuals

Inside Strategy

Messenger Ads

For the messenger ads, an extensive campaign was run with the main focus to convert audiences into customers by keeping human interaction minimal. In order to achieve this, Manychat messenger marketing bot was integrated with The Launderette.

Lead Generation

Facebook & Instagram were used as the primary source of lead generation. Tested with various ad visuals, call to action buttons and an effective value proposition, relevant audiences were converted while minimizing ad costs.


In order to maximize engagement & enlighten the core brand values, The Launderette engaged with relevant audiences as a by product of an effective content curation strategy.


Messenger Marketing

Content Marketing

Lead Generation Ads

Content Marketing

Engagement Campaigns

Facebook Insights

Total Reach

Facebook Analytics

Messenger Conversions

Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Likes

Facebook Ads Manager

Lead Ads

Excellence always sells

Insights of The Launderette’s Ad Campaigns


Million Reach

The Launderette reached 1 million prospective customers on Social Media.


Million Impressions

Served more than 2 million impressions on Social Media.


Messages received

Amassed a total of 2,200 unique messages on Social Media.


Leads Generated

Generated more than 4,00 leads through Facebook & Instagram ads through various marketing strategies.


Page Likes

Relevant focused and targeted page likes on Facebook


Revenue Increase

Increased business revenue from 250k – 700k in a 6 month time period

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